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The Artists Lab
Fees, Terms and Conditions
Business Hours are 10am - 6pm Monday- Friday (GMT) - Contact via email unless in emergency.
Peak-times (3.30pm – 9:00 pm): Waiting list. Please do contact me if you would like to be added to my waiting list.
Terms and Conditions:
P E Tabone & S Sault trading as ‘The Artists Lab’
January 2024 Fees:
1. 45-Minute Online Singing Lesson: $95.00 (Including GST) b) 60-Minute Online or Live Singing Lesson: $120.00 (Including GST) c) Live Dance
Lesson: $120.00 + $10 Studio Hire Fee d) Live Dance Lesson for 2: $200.00 + $10 Studio Hire Fee e) Group Dance Lesson for 3: $255.00 + $10
Studio Hire Fee f) Group Dance Lesson for 4: $320.00 + $10 Studio Hire Fee g) Group/Masterclass Dance or Vocal options available: Contact
2. The initial lesson is on a trial basis with payment made on the day. This allows the studio to assess the student's readiness and lets the
participant confirm their desire to continue with a weekly or fortnightly slot.
3. For weekly students, all lesson payments must be received monthly, at least one calendar day before the 1st of each month. If this is not
feasible, a standing order should be received every Monday. This will be checked at 5 pm every Monday.
3a) For Fortnightly and casual students, payment is due every Monday (5 pm) for the week of their lesson. The studio prefers all lessons for the month
to be paid in advance by the 1st day of each calendar month.
4. A 48-hour notice is required for any lesson change. The Artists Lab Studios does not accept cancellations. If less than 48 hours' notice is given,
or if rescheduling is not possible in the same week, the lesson and payment are forfeited.
4a) If The Artists Lab has to cancel or reschedule, an alternate date will be provided, or a full refund will be issued (or the fee carried over to the next
4b) Regarding clarity and cancellation, under the new terms and conditions, it means any situation in which you don't show up for your scheduled
lesson time.

5. Two-weeks’ paid notice is required for discontinuation of lessons for weekly students ($240), and one month’s paid notice (4 weeks) for
Fortnightly ($240).
6. For The Artists Lab Vocal Studio: In the case of a missed lesson, it is at the teacher's discretion whether the time will be used for new recorded
exercises/warm-ups or to play melodies of new repertoire.
Your responsibilities:
• Undertake regular, quality practice
• Attend all lessons and complete weekly set tasks
• Bring materials, books, tracks, and equipment to all lessons
• Attend all workshops provided by The Artists Lab
Termination of Lessons: Students may be dismissed from lessons for any of the following reasons:
• Disrespect or uncooperative attitude toward teachers or other students
• Failure to comply with studio policy
• Failure to pay tuition by the due date & time
By participating in the studio, you acknowledge that you have read and hereby accept the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

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